Sunday, June 12, 2016

Differing in Number Only

I haven't read a lot about the horrible shooting in Florida. It differs from every other shooting only in the incredible number of deaths inflicted. I'll wait for things to clear a bit and read after some of the facts have been ascertained. Charles Pierce:

The FBI also revealed Sunday afternoon that it had interviewed Mateen twice since 2013. After the FBI had delivered this news, an ATF official on the scene then explained why Mateen was still able to go into some gun store in Florida and buy a handgun and an AR-15 even though the FBI had talked to him twice in the past three years about his possible connection with alleged terrorists. The ATF's answer, which I am admittedly paraphrasing here, is that this is America, and that's how that goes.

So it goes.

I second your emotion, Erik. 

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