Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Infringing Second Amendment Rights of Spousal Abusers

Oh Heavens! And 6-2 at that.

"We treat no other constitutional right so cavalierly," said Justice Thomas in his dissent. "In construing the statute before us expansively so that causing a single minor reckless injury or offensive touching can lead someone to lose his right to bear arms forever, the court continues to relegate the Second Amendment to a second-class right." 

Lucky the US Congress doesn't treat it as a second-class right. Hard to believe that even in death, Scalia still has his hand far enough up Thomas' ass to work his mouth.

Should've gone to Chas. Pierce's first. Better late than never.

"Non-consensual touching" is nice, I think. Sonny Liston once engaged in that professionally, I believe.

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