Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Lackluster Placeholder Candidate"

I've overlooked posting a link to this short piece by Maury Thompson who does yeoman's work for the Post Star. Kudos, Maury!

The Washington Post has identified the 21st Congressional District as one of the top five House races to watch as indication of chances of Democrats re-taking the majority in November.

And surprise! That brought out a troll in the form of Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello. 

The strangest part of the Washington Post story is their complete failure to even mention my name or candidacy. Talk about shoddy and biased corporate journalism!

No, the strange thing is that the PS feels the need to mention MF every time they have a mention of Stefanik or Derrick. Why do they have to include the name of a candidate running in the anyone can compete Green Party? 

They also failed to mention that, due to enrollments, and the Democratic candidate being a lifelong Republican and Independent who is just switch-hitting for this race, the Democrats really do not stand a chance in this race. That can be based on voter enrollments alone but for them to run a male blue dog in this district without a Doug Hoffman to help him get elected IN A BERNIE YEAR seems almost insane and naive a gesture, at best. 

I addressed some of this in my comment. I did neglect to ask where the Bernie Year falls on the Chinese calendar. I'm a rooster myself. 

Who is running the Democratic Party in upstate NY and do they know anything about politics or demographics at all? If so, then why in the name of all that is holy are they not running a progressive female who is actually a known resident of CD21? SMH

My comment and my bad. This wasn't the post with "lackluster placeholder candidate." 

Even though Mike Derrick, per your prognostication, has no chance, I hope you won't mind if he runs against you and the congresswoman. What does due to enrollments mean? The district seems pretty Democrat-leaning as far as presidential races go.

As far as the year of Bernie goes, I believe it ended at the California primary and the ultimate outsider Hillary Clinton is on her way to the WH.

Do you stand a chance in the race?

Needless to say, he didn't come back and explain the demographics of how he has any chance in the race. 


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