Thursday, June 16, 2016

Taking on Tyrants

Regular readers (OK that's a joke) will know how enamored I am of the notion that gun ownership is essential to protect hearth and home from a tyrant who might arise in our great land. I've yet to see how or why this did not work out in the instance of stopping the tyrannical spread of Obamacare. In any case, Eugene Robinson, a Hometown Fave, has a recent column with a snippet saying it better than I ever could.

No hunter needs an AR-15 to bring down a deer. None of us needs such a weapon to defend our families against intruders. And for those who believe assault rifles offer protection against a hypothetical tyrannical government — or who perhaps consider the present government tyrannical — I have sobering news: If and when the black helicopters come, they will be accompanied by tanks.

And don't forget, you local folks, the town of Queensbury has an MWRP a motherfuckin' MWRP!

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