Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trump/Miller 2016

Nice article at Salon about the sock puppet the Republicans are running for the White House.

On Friday, the already off-the-charts bizarre Donald Trump campaign took a turn for the even weirder after two Washington Post journalists, Marc Fisher and Will Hobson,published a report about Trump’s long history of posing as his own publicist, often for no other purpose but to brag about his sex life. Or, in many cases, his imaginary sex life, as Trump, posing as “John Miller,”  would try to convince reporters that Madonna wanted to have sex with him.

The story immediately took off. “Saturday Night Live” referenced it in a skit. John Oliver, in response to Trump’s denials that he did this, invited “John Miller” to be on “Last Week Tonight”, to prove that he is real. 

I'm willing to accept John Miller as the VEEP candidate without even asking to see his birth certificate. I am that magnanimous.

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