Wednesday, May 25, 2016

North Country Hypocrites

Of the Republican variety, natch.

National Republican Congressional Committee is spending money to target Democratic congressional candidate Mike Derrick, just three days after an NRCC spokesman claimed Derrick wasnot "a viable candidate."

NRCC announced Monday it is placing robo calls in the 21st Congressional District criticizing Derrick for not endorsing a Democratic presidential candidate, even as the MRCC's own congressional candidate has not directly endorsed a Republican presidential candidate.

They seem to be having a problem pointing out just where Derrick stands.

NRCC calls Derrick a "party insider," an apparent change in strategy from a year ago when the group criticized Derrick for being a newly-minted Democrat.

Congratulations Mike, its' only May and already you've turned the Republicans into blabbering, blathering, blithering nincompoops. What's going to happen after 5 more months of Ms. Stefanik explaining how her beliefs jibe with Herr Trump's.

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