Saturday, May 7, 2016

Lifted From Shaw

Petty Theft in Donald's case.

Thanks Shaw! So, are we voting for him now?


  1. If you think a talking yam would make a good preznit, go for it. LOL! Trump is one Yuuuuuge wrecking ball demolishing the GOP.

    There isn't enough popcorn to go around.

  2. Check out the video from Bill Maher later tonight on P.E., where he calls Trump a "whiney little bitch," and "Lady Trump."

    The best thing the Democrats have to defeat Trump is Trump himself.

    Every time he opens his mouth and people think he's going to be "presidential," he comes off sounding like a...wait for it..."whiney little bitch." "Bitch" meaning a whimpering female dog.

  3. Shaw, thanks for the tip. There's so many of these clips with Herr Drumpf, I do believe he's going to overload you tube.