Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Golden Truther Oldie

Here's an article from September 2014. I had missed this because I hadn't been reading NCPR. Gonna rectify that. There is an interview here with Matt Funiciello that I sorely regret not seeing sooner. Much of what he says here, I already knew that he believed.

I’m saying that I’m not in any way comfortable that the official story we’ve been told over and over again is actually the whole story at all, or even close to it. I don’t really know who’s covering it up. I would suggest that, if there is a cover-up of any sort, it is a corporate one. It is the corporate media and it is our corporate government working in collusion to foment war because that’s how we make money. 

Occasionally I'll see someone suggest that MF run as a Democrat in the Democratic primary. He says he's not a Democrat. Thank God. We don't need conspiracy nuts. But, read the whole interview. 

Here's a more recent article. Bless your heart, Brian Mann. You have the patience of Job.

But the biggest fight for Funiciello may be building an actual organization. While Sanders supporters mobilized aggressively in recent months across the North Country, building a powerful grassroots network that walloped Hillary Clinton, there’s no sign yet that anything like that is coalescing around Funiciello’s bid.

So I asked him about that:

Brian Mann: I feel like what we’ve seen is that for a candidate with your credentials and with your ideas, there are a lot of people out there – whether they’re students or excited college professors – who are ready to burn the midnight oil. And yet I think I perceive an enthusiasm gap there with your campaign.

Matt Funiciello: Well, what I’m expressing to you is that that’s a subtle and dormant form of imperialism.

BM: If people aren’t enthusiastic about you, that’s imperialism?

MF: It’s very simple. The green message is a simple one. We could live differently than we do right now. We’re more than creative enough to do it.  

Yes, if there's an enthusiasm gap it's the fault of imperialists or there's a conspiracy afoot. As when MF is unable to vote, it's because of a conspiracy between Democrats and Republicans in the Washington County Board of Elections. 

Donald Hassig may have been the more rational of the recent Green Party candidates for Congress in the district. 

Hassig responded to a question about the potential loosening of rules that would allow more migrant workers to seek legal employment in the region by bashing Spanish-speaking laborers as harmful to cattle because of their limited English.

"I would like to see them get their asses kicked out of here," Hassig said in audio captured by North Country Public Radio.

Yes, the guy who thought it was harmful for cows to hear Spanish being spoken. 

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