Saturday, May 14, 2016

Donald the Sock Puppet

I tried so long to resist writing about Herr Trump and now here I am posting to this story. Screw it. It's the weekend and weekends were made for fun stuff.
Muslim-smashin', Mexican-bashin' tough guy Donald Trump seems to have been caught red-handed denying that he impersonated a non-existent spokesman to tell reporters how awesome he is. (Meet Trump Organization spokesman John Miller, who you can't meet because he doesn't exist.) Trump denied this notwithstanding the fact that he admitted to doing this in a legal deposition years ago. The story was bubbling all day. But when The Washington Post (attack organ run by Trump Arch-Nemesis Jeff Bezos) confronted him with the deception on the phone, he first went silent on the reporters and then hung up.

When the reporters called back they were told Trump wasn't available. 

It's not as good as having a racist, seditious butler, tho.

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