Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Devastation of Republican Healthcare

From a link at ACA Signups to American Progress. This is on the House bill AHCA which is, who knows for sure, being resurrected and not in a good way like Jesus. It's a joke OK, God.

The House bill’s effects are staggering, even at a local level. Within a decade, on average, an additional 55,000 more individuals in each congressional district, or nearly 8 percent of each district’s entire population today, would lack coverage. In the table below, we provide estimates of coverage losses for all 435 congressional districts of the 115th Congress as well as the District of Columbia.

For each district, we provide an estimated number of people who would be uninsured under the House bill instead of having health insurance through the workplace, Medicaid, and the exchanges and other private coverage. Our numbers reflect that states that have expanded Medicaid to low-income adults under the ACA would face drastic cuts to federal matching funds for the program starting in 2020 and that expansion would no longer be a viable option by 2026 for states that have not already done so. 

In my district, NY 21st, that's 64,400. I don't remember what the previous number with a full repeal was, but I believe it was 58,000 and something. That is 8.97% of the population of the district for sticklers about accuracy. I'd just go with 9% or 1 in 11.

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