Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fund the CSRs!

Have I said that before? Anyway here's an article in today's Wash Po saying Fund the CSRs!

The payments were challenged in court by House Republicans, who won their case, under the previous administration. The Obama administration appealed the case, and Trump inherited the case, which has been put on pause as Republicans tried to craft a replacement plan. The payments are continuing to be made, and will be until the lawsuit is resolved, an administration official said.

The ongoing uncertainty has the potential to undermine a key part of the Affordable Care Act's efforts to expand coverage, even if Republicans fail to deliver on their pledge to repeal the law.

And look at the states where 65% or more receive cost-sharing reductions. Go look at the chart on who's getting the largest premium increases, too. Trumpgrets anyone?

Wright called the lawsuit a “wrecking ball” that, if it goes through, would raise premiums not just for lower-income people, but for everyone.

I'm sure the average voter in the Southeast US can be convinced it's Obama's fault.

He said that consumers may not be aware of how much they benefit from the federal payments unless they are revoked.

“My sense is that it might be one of those things they may not fully understand the mechanism now; once it’s taken away, they’ll understand it fairly quickly,” Wrobel said.

You don't know what you got til it's gone.

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