Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ruining My Sunday

I use the socialist internet at my local library and have to drive 6 miles for it. I was going to skip out today and mow the lawn and whatnot. But no! Because of this story I was forced to come here and put up a post. Truth told, my arm never needs much twisting and I'm not staying on long.

A Kingsbury man had a unique proposal for Washington County Supervisors Friday — get rid of elections and political parties, and let God decide our leaders.

A teary-eyed Tony Cerro took the mic at Friday’s meeting to make his pitch to the county supervisors.
“We are in trouble,” Cerro told the board. “Our system is wrong.”

Cerro told the board he wanted to “get rid of political parties and elections, and turn back to God for guidance.”

Here's a surprise. He voted for Trump. Here's my comment.

I can't believe none of those supervisors asked any questions. I can think of quite a few.

He criticized the board for opening every meeting with a prayer, and then doing business “against God’s will right after.” He did not offer specific examples of what the county does that he feels goes against “God’s will.”

Yes, that would be one. I heard Cerro swapping 9/11 theories with Matt Funiciello on "Uncommon Sense." I do hope that show comes back on so maybe I can hear more about this. Maybe God will choose Matt for Congress in 2018. If he chose Trump he's got a sick sense of humor.

 “I want to go to Washington and explain to him the system I propose, but I’m afraid I would get arrested."

Where would we be if Jesus and Paul had been afraid of being arrested? Other than all being Jewish, I mean.

I can understand if they were all too dumbfounded to ask any questions. Good Lord, I gotta start going to these meetings. 

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