Saturday, April 1, 2017

Quote of the Day

Charles Pierce.

If nothing else, in a little over two months, this administration has pushed the limits of American absurdity, which I always thought were almost boundless. It has done so in a cheap and grimy way. This is an administration of the sidewalk grift, not the big con. It's three-card monte on the A train, not an epic swindle on the order of Ocean's 11. For all his alleged millions, and for every one of his gold-plated commodes, the president* is a glorified street hustler. It's almost a shame that he may have a congressional committee and/or the FBI running him to ground. He should get hooked up by a 60-year old bunco cop waiting out his pension in a leaky precinct house. He is not right. He is not plausible. And that's beneath even the past crimes of the office he holds.


  1. Well, to give him his due, let's acknowledge Trump's leadership in one special area: He is now leading in having he LOWEST approval rate of any modern president in his first 100 days. Leadership!

    Trump is definitely the best at being the worst president, and finally he gets something he can brag about, his approval rate is as little as his hands.

  2. I loved seeing that Lyin' Ryan is even lower than Trump at 21%. The fog has lifted from some folks' eyes anyway.