Monday, April 10, 2017

Representative Bueller of NY's 21st

     This is in response to the editorial suggesting that President Trump work with the Democrats on healthcare. That certainly can't be any less productive than working with the Republicans. It shouldn't have taken John Boehner to point outthe futility of their trying to pass a healthcare bill. There are 30 of them on the Freedom Caucus who are more concerned about ideological purity than the well-being of the average American. The same might be said of Paul Ryan.  Yes, essential benefits should be maintained and those with pre-existing conditions covered. Trump should kill his executive order invalidating the individual mandate as well. It's the stick that makes the carrots possible. There's no coverage until 26 or pre-existing conditions without it. He should also commit to funding cost-sharing reductions to reduce deductibles for lower-income Americans and the House should drop the lawsuit against those payments. Kaiser says the absence of these subsidies will raise the cost of silver plans 19%.
     Republicans are in charge of everything now. If people are going bankrupt or dying because of lack of coverage, it's their fault. If the industry "explodes," it's their fault. They can fix the ACA (my choice), maintain it the best they can (until we elect people capable of governing) or destroy it on purpose or through neglect. Replacement is not an option, as amusing as the attempts are. Last I heard from our rep she was talking about R and R over 3 years. Anyone know if that's still an operative opinion? Bueller?
     Thanks for the shout-out, Al. I was indeed LOLing as the kids used to say, but now I've got Maggie May stuck in my head.

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