Friday, April 21, 2017

Lawrence Kudlow Back on the Hooch and Blow

That's all I can figure anyway.

Once the House passes the Republican health-care bill, it could become law very quickly, Larry Kudlow said on Thursday.

According to sources, Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows has "been in discussion and successfully negotiating" with Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from Maine, and they have been agreeing on a number of issues, Kudlow reported.

"So for the first time, as this person reported to me, if the House can get a vote next week or soon after, the Senate may jam it right through fast. It won't take weeks and weeks and weeks," the senior CNBC contributor said on "Closing Bell."

And then you've got Trump thinking Congress is going to get the healthcare bill passed along with the budget next week and he's going to get his tax reform package introduced. That will be a slightly faster pace than the first 91 days have been moving at.

Yes, I do feel bad making fun of an addict except ones that are smarmy dicks.


  1. How long are they going to keep flogging this horse? Surely it's started to decompose now.

    Well, if they want to keep embarrassing themselves, fine with me.

  2. I just happened to be in the hospital Monday through Friday the week of the first debactacular attempt at a healthcare bill. I don't have cable or anything at home so I was glued to CNN for it. For bonus idiocy that was the same week that Nunes was playing Secret Agent Devin on the WH grounds.

    I suppose the longer they keep at this the less real damage they can do to anything else. I know that's not true, but I wish it was.

    Happy Earth Day! Hail Science!