Saturday, April 1, 2017

Devin Nunes - Feeling the Love in His Hometown

We love him in our hometown, too. Same love as the Fresno Bee feels.

Given the emotional reaction of Democrats to Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the election, Nunes had to know that he would be under intense scrutiny as chair of the investigation and that both his and the Intelligence committee’s credibility would be at stake.

Nothing he did last week served the nation’s best interests.

First, with millions of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, wanting the committee to provide clarity on Russia’s involvement in the election and whether members of Trump’s campaign conspired with the Russians to weaken Clinton’s prospects, Nunes tried to steer the committee’s focus to identifying leakers of information embarrassing to President Trump.

It is an old trick in Washington, D.C., and one that rarely, if ever, works. Just ask Richard Nixon.

Then, Nunes – a Trump transition team member – betrayed the Constitution and its separation of powers by running like an errand boy to the White House to share with Trump classified information that he had received.

Ouch! It could be worse, Elise Stefanik has constituents rapping her knuckles in the local paper everyday. That's not entirely true. Two days a week the Post Star doesn't run letters. 

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