Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quote of the Day

From Amanda Marcotte's piece at Salon talking about the (attempted) presidentialness of Donald Trump.

 It’s near-certain that his opponent in the general election will be Hillary Clinton. Trying to compete with her to seem capable and intelligent is like challenging Steph Curry to a game of HORSE.

To be fair, Steph Curry is currently injured. Probably not that injured, though.

Bonus quote:

Like most trolls, Trump is annoying because he can’t get attention any other way. He’s not smart or talented or charming or savvy. All he has is an ability to say outrageous things and get attention for it.


  1. And The Trumper says the only reason Hillary has won any votes is because she plays the "women card."

    See The Trumper has zero experience in government and Hillary has tons of experience in government, but it's because she's a woman that got her votes.

    Remember when the TeaPublicans criticized Mr. Obama's "slim" resume to be president? And now they're in love with a loud-mouth jerk who has none?

    What is depressing is knowing that this country has so many fools who actually believe The Trumper has any ability to govern.

  2. As an old, white Christian male I want to say it was a pleasure to vote for Barack Obama twice. It will be a pleasure to vote for Hillary and her women card as well. And I could have been just as joyful in voting for Bernie, no matter how Jewish he is. Break down all the barriers.

    You've probably seen this. Hillary is "only" at a 75% chance of winning the presidency today. I don't like to count my chickens and all that. I do believe it will inch up a lot closer to 100% once the general starts.