Monday, April 25, 2016

Quote of the Day

Bless you, Sophia McClennen.

At times it can be very hard to distinguish between extreme right-wing politics and symptoms of dementia. 

Truer words were never spoken. Read the whole thing, tho. It's actually pretty serious.

I need to be reassured that Trump is indeed OK so that the jokes about him remain funny. Public mockery has been the only way to stay balanced this election. And, of course, the best jokes about Trump have come from political satirists because satire does more than poke fun. It encourages critical thinking in the face of blind acceptance. It doesn’t just make Trump look silly and stupid; it points out that he’s dangerous to democracy. It’s the difference between jokes about his orange face and jokes about his demagoguery.

I'm old enough to remember what Ronnie's team of the best and brightest did around him.

Satirical humor only works if it is punching up.  Humor that punches down is just mean.  A joke about Trump’s brain is amusing; one about an Alzheimer’s patient is twisted and cruel.

Well, there is that, too. How sad is it that these two guys are losing to him?

Of course, because these people can't really do anything right, the two campaigns made sure that God and all the world knew what they were up to before they actually did anything. This had the effect of handing He, Trump a gift that perfectly dovetails with the only real argument that he has presented for his candidacy—namely, They're All Out To Get Me…And You, Too. He jumped on it because, whatever his shortcomings as a prospective president, the man has the combative instincts of a wolverine. 

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