Friday, April 8, 2016

Green Party Persecution

I wanted to link to this article in the PS, mostly because of the comment by Matt Funiciello. I'll hit the article first so as to work down to the comment. There were a couple of things that bothered me. The backstory is that the city of Glens Falls is withholding $4800 from the GF Collaborative because the Green Party is listed as a member on map/brochure/handout thingies.

The city’s payment was intended to print 5,000 maps that would be distributed at rest stops along the New York State Thruway, which will not be distributed now.

City funds cannot be used to further political groups. Seems reasonable. 

Each member pays $240 in annual dues, which covers the map/brochure and other promotional expenses.

Gray Whann said being listed as a member does not constitute an advertisement for Warren County Green Party.

The GP is a member and has paid the $240. The part that bothers me is the idea that it doesn't constitute an advertisement

the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements

It would seem to be the very definition of advertisement. 

“We just can’t use city tax dollars to promote these (political) organizations,” he said in an interview Thursday at City Hall.

Diamond said the situation is similar to when he objected in 2012 to Republican congressional candidate Matt Doheny advertising his campaign at an Adirondack Phantoms hockey game at Glens Falls Civic Center, a city-owned building.

Of course, Diamond is a Democrat so he's likely just screwing with the Republicans and Greens (sarcasm intended).

Gray Whann said she suspects her friction with city officials is due to her political involvement.

She had been exploring a run on the Green Party line for Glens Falls mayor in 2017, when Diamond cannot seek re-election because of term limits.

She said to insulate the Collaborative from controversy, she has resigned as president and as a board member, and has decided not to run for mayor as well.

Run or not, but don't use this as an excuse because that really doesn't seem legit. 

And I'll just give my response to Matt's comment:

crying like little babies at the thought that they have been excluded from the Collaborative's map

If you were my candidate, I would advise you to tone that down a bit. Since you're not, rock on! It does sound a little Trumpian if you don't mind my saying so. Strike that last part since you probably do.

I'll once again add the disclaimer that I know nothing except what I've read in the article. I would hope that the Collaborative and the city can work this out.

instead of harassing a very active publicly-minded citizen using bureaucratic means and loose interpretations

I don't see how Ms. Whann has been harassed. The article says she was appointed to the ZBA by Mayor Diamond and he indicated he'd like to see her remain on it. It sounds as though the city has been consistent in their treatment of all parties. Once again all I know is ...

He really should invest in a campaign manager or someone who could point out not to say certain stuff. A no-man, if you will.

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