Friday, April 29, 2016

Odds and Ends Pertaining to Congressional Race

Ladies first. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has said through her spokesman that she won't be attending the convention in Ohio.

"She will be in the district working for her constituents," said Alcivar, in response to an inquiry from The Post-Star.

Rather than try to duplicate perfection, I'll just reprint my comments.

"She will be in the district working for her constituents,"

Attending the convention would be the chance of a lifetime for Ms. Stefanik. I'm certain her constituents would be able to spare her for a few days. As one of them, I couldn't live with myself knowing I caused her to miss this wonderful opportunity.
From the Owens' link:

Owens may have realized his re-election chances are sinking but hiding from Obama’s convention won’t fool North Country voters,” said NRCC Spokesman Nat Sillin

That being said, I hope we can count on Congresswoman Stefanik to stand firmly behind whomever the nominee is.

This is an article informing us that a real, live presidential candidate is coming to Glens Falls. No, not Hillary or The Donald. 

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is expected to campaign in Glens Falls in June, said Matt Funiciello, the party's local congressional candidate.

Funiciello said one or more local events with Stein will held around the time of the State Green Party Convention in Troy on June 11.

Details are still being worked out.

And we all know the devil is in the details.


I'm sure Jill Stein is a wonderful woman. I'm going to link to a Charles Pierce piece explaining why, despite knowing her socially, he did not vote for her. This is because I know that, between now and November, I'm going to hear the common refrain from the Green Party. That is that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. I'm offering Pierce's testimony that there is indeed a difference. And so there is.

And here is an article on the analysis of our three area candidates of what the recent primary voting for prez all means.

And here's a bonus link with the Warren County Republican Chair endorsing Donald Trump. I only wish I could link to Rich Schermerhorn's endorsement in The Chronicle. Get that online, will ya Mark.  

Grasso said Trump’s recent hiring of a “seasoned adviser” and his softening of tone demonstrate Trump is “in essence becoming more presidential.”   

In essence, he couldn't become any less presidential if he tried. 

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