Thursday, April 7, 2016

In Defense of Hillary

I like to make my ears and brain bleed by listening to Sean Hannity now and then. What can I say? I like to get all shouty at the radio now and then. I do like to hear what stupidity he's promoting to the right wing masses. The big one is that Hillary is doomed over the e-mail "scandal." If not doomed, then the FBI or Justice Department or President Obama or God Knows is going to bury the evidence just like what happened with Benghazi. And it's just another typical case of American blind justice.

So here's Charles Pierce to reassure me that, surprisingly, Sean is lying to me. Or maybe Charles is. I'll take my chances with Pierce.

It is getting a little bit unseemly to hear Democratic analysts and liberal voices in the punditariat latching on one of the more desperate hopes of Republicans who would rather not run against Hillary Rodham Clinton—namely, that she's going to be questioned by the FBI and subsequently indicted for something in connection with the great email nothingburger. Today's entrant is the increasingly hilarious H.A. Goodman, whose devotion to the notion that The Great Bernie Wave Is Just Around The Corner has become positively Millerite in its fervor. 

I like Bernie, but some of his supporters are a little hard to take. Apparently, the WashPo can't be trusted too much either.

The sorry tale tracks back to what was simply a false story in The Washington Post. The Post published a story that put together various Clinton interviews and recent statements and summed it up as 'Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be President.' 

Scott Walker's democracy.

In further defense of Hillary from The Rude Pundit.

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