Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beacon Investigation of Mike Derrick

Whoops! Investigation probably would have been better in quotation marks. Before I forget, here's a hat tip to Maury Thompson at the Post Star. Thanks Maury. So, Morgan Chalfant at the Washington Free (because who would pay for it?) Beacon, reports that Derrick has property in Colorado and only moved to our area a year ago. Who knows what the truth of any of that is? I'm dearly hoping we're not going to go through the "who's the most legitimate resident of the district" thing again this year.

A Democratic congressional candidate in New York state (sic) has criticized his Republican opponent for not being a native of the district, despite having moved from another state to launch his own campaign.

Were you curious about the value of the Derricks' property in Colorado? Yeah, me neither. 

Derrick and his wife, Katherine, also own at least six properties in Colorado. The market values of the properties total more than $1.3 million.

Yes, Derrick was career Army which would likely be a bonus if he was a Republican. 

Derrick, a retired Army colonel who spent some of his early years living in Peru, N.Y., has seized on Stefanik’s roots in Albany as evidence that she has weak ties to the district that she represents in Congress.

The criticism of Stefanik which Chalfant never bothers to try to refute:

“Her family has a summer home in Willsboro, New York. She grew up in Albany, New York. Her working life, ten years, has been entirely in Washington. To say that she is of and from the North Country is false,” Derrick said in a recent interview with the local North County Public Radio.

Oh, and apparently Mike Derrick is a former Republican. My God believes in redemption. 

William Michael Derrick was registered to vote unaffiliated in El Paso County, Colo., in September 2006 and changed his voter registration to Republican in May 2012, according to the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder’s Office. He only updated his registration to Democrat in March 2015. One month later, he cancelled his registration in El Paso County. He voted in no elections in Colorado last year, meaning he never voted as a Democrat in the state.

I don't doubt that he may be a Blue Dog. OTOH, he did come out and say he supported the Iran nuclear deal when he didn't really have to. That beats Aaron Woolf's waffling on ACA. Matt Funiciello never came out with an opinion one way or another. Speaking of MF, one of the reasons I put this up was to keep it in mind. I wouldn't be at all shocked if he parroted a lot of this bullshit at some point during the campaign. I want to remember where it came from. 

I also want to leave a link to this story by Morgan Chalfant. 

Abby Wambach, a retired U.S. women’s soccer player and prominent Hillary Clinton supporter, was arrested over the weekend and charged with driving under the influence.

Wambach, who campaigned for Clinton just three months ago, was arrested around 2 a.m. Sunday by authorities in Portland, Oregon, and was charged with misdemeanor DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants), booking information from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office indicated. 

No word on whether her car had an "I'm Ready for Hillary" bumpersticker. If this woman can be considered a journalist writing for the Beacon, I'm pretty sure my stupid posts here make me one. Look at me, I'm a journalmalist!

Just want to add this link to Right Web that discusses the Beacon. 

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