Thursday, December 8, 2016

View From the Bubble

I didn't realize that I had voted for Hillary Clinton because I was living in a bubble. Apparently so, and only those outside it can see the genius of a man like Trump who appreciates what it's like to live in the real world. I thought it was because I could recognize a con man when I see one.

The most irritating media trope to emerge in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election is the idea that it was a rebuke to “condescending” liberals who live in our own “bubbles.” Steve Schmidt gave us a preview on MSNBC even before the race for the White House was decided. “The people who are for Trump are not embarrassed to be for Trump. This is a fiction of New York City,” the former Republican political consultant told us early on election night.

I'm actually happy to not watch any TV. It's a blessing to miss all the crap like that. 

Is it really so condescending that we should vote for the candidate who would keep in place the footholds and safety nets that helped us? Or does the real condescension come from the likes of those who would infantilize white working class voters, making out that they cannot help but vote against their own interests if they even suspect that someone, somewhere is looking down on them?

I feel very bad for the people who have made the poor decision to vote against their own self-interests in this election. If that makes me condescending, so be it.

Folks, you're being sold down the river. I feel for you because selling you down the river is not good for the country. It never was. It is not immigrants who are selling you down the river. It is not minorities who are selling you down the river. It is not LGBTQ folks who are selling you down the river. Please remember all of that when you wake up pissed that you're, you know, down the river. If you look around the table and can't figure out who the mark is…

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