Sunday, December 4, 2016

Denouncing Coulter and Palin

I feel it's my duty as a (soon to be) loyal subject of King Donald I of Trumperica to report these traitors.

If we are to maintain our momentum, we need complete obedience to the word of Donald J. Trump. It’s crucial that our forces remain muscular and watchful. There can be no dissension in the ranks.

To hear Sarah Palin question the brilliance of the deal that kept so many jobs right here in the Trumped States is so disturbing. Can't believe I'm hearing the term crony capitalism applied to our Dear Leader and not the pretender still in the office. And Ann Coulter is disturbed His Donaldness is not building The Wall? If He's not, it's surely because He has a more ingenious plan. Ask the generals who are waiting with baited breath for His Secret Plan to defeat ISIS. Ask the Chinese who are now running scared due to His Secret Talks with Taiwan which will surely lead to the restoration of the true rulers of China. 

Ask yourself, are you willing to risk your life for Trump? What’s more important, your personal beliefs or the vision that Mr. Trump has blessed America with? Are your family and friends also committed? What are you doing in your daily life to insure that the people around you remain faithful? Is your community the strongest, most dedicated group of Trump supporters they could possibly be? 

Yes, what have you done for our Glorious Potentate Elect today?

Don’t be afraid to question people in your church group. Keep a record of dissent. It’s of enormous importance that we use this information to build a database of disloyalty.

Every patriot should welcome an investigation into their support of Donald J. Trump.

Taking a loyalty oath needs to become the new normal. Baptism by fire can be redeeming for those who are genuinely without sin.

If you have fears about someone, the most patriotic thing a Trump Nation citizen can do is to publicly denounce these vile agents. You must take to Facebook or Twitter, a church meeting or the public square to shout your concerns! Do it now!

I am absolutely calling on all supporters of our, sure to be, Last Emperor to follow this approach when dealing with your fellow patriots. Alex Jones would want you to. 


  1. I, for one, welcome our new orangutan overlord.

    Seriously, the beast may start to devour itself, to an extent. Trump is vindictive and given to settling scores, but while he regards Democrats as opponents, he regards dissenting conservatives as traitors -- and people generally hate traitors more than opponents. Palin or Coulter or any other wingnut who crosses him may have more to fear from him than we do.

    1. There do seem to be a lot of disagreements between Trump and the Congress Repubs. The tariff thing is a biggie. He at least said, FWIW, during the campaign that he'd leave SS and Medicare alone. Of course, that was before putting Price in the cabinet. It's gonna be a weird 4 years. Hunter Thomson should've stuck around for it.

  2. The same day Palin called out Trump for "crony capitalism," she also tweeted in support of the Secretary of Defense nominee, the one who needs a waiver from Congress because he hasn't been out of the military long enough. Unfortunately for her, the body of her tweet was "Hoohah! Heck yeah!" My response was "Butt-Head: Huh, huh. She said 'Hoohah.' Huh, huh." I was expecting death threats from her followers. Instead, I got two likes and a retweet.

    1. Instead, I got two likes and a retweet.

      If only you knew why. I can't believe we have a president that makes Palin look semi-sane. But then, if anyone is going to recognize cronyism and con jobs, it's her.

    2. "If only you knew why."

      I'm pretty sure they're from people who are critics of Palin or fans of Beavis and Butt-Head, possibly both. I guess the joke, as low as it was, went over the heads of the Palindrones.