Thursday, December 1, 2016

Charles Pierce and Voting Against Self-Interest

The Stupid! It Burns!

It's the red counties in our state that have flocked to Obamacare, using its subsidies and Medicaid expansion the most, according to data from the state insurance commissioner's office. Nine of the top 10 counties where the Affordable Care Act reduced the ranks of the uninsured the most also voted for Trump. Number one is deep-red Adams County, in Eastern Washington, home of rolling wheat farms and I-90 truck stops. Its uninsured rate plunged from 23 percent to 10 percent, almost all because Obamacare bought Medicaid coverage for about one in five Adams County adults between 18 and 65. Adams County voted for Trump by 38 percentage points.

I just threw up there a little.

The idea is to satisfy conservative critics who want President Barack Obama's signature initiative gone now, but reassure Americans that Republicans won't upend the entire health care system without a viable alternative that preserves the law's popular provisions.

The art of the scam. 

Most Republicans, particularly in the House, want to repeal as soon as possible and deal with the replacement later. Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.), a staunch conservative, said the party must "take no chances; do it now."

Those above clips are from Danny Westneat in the Seattle Times. This is Pierce:

This is quite a variation on the old game of Chicken. Two cars are driving right towards each other, head on, but, in this version, the folks from Adams County are standing in between them. Who will turn away first? Will anybody? What's worse, those folks likely don't even know they're standing in the middle of the road.

It's no better knowing that you are in the middle of the road.

Buyer's remorse already.

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