Saturday, December 3, 2016

Happy Holidays, Humorless Harpy of Hate

One of my favorite writers was in the Post Star today. His work speaks for itself. Speak, Mario.

I personally feel, along with the silent majority who voted for President-elect Donald J. Trump, that he is the man who will make this country great again.

After eight years of deceit, lies, scandals and broken promises, it's time to “drain the swamp.” The present administration, led by anti-American Barack Hussein Obama, the community organizer, has been a total failure. I believe this man's allegiance has been to Islam, not to the U.S. Over the past eight years, the citizens of this nation have seen failed programs, a lack of a strong foreign policy, a doubling of the national debt, a weakened defense program, uncontrolled illegal aliens crossing our borders, increased violent crime on a daily basis by low-life felons and future felons in our inner cities and across our nation, a continued Islamic terrorist threat and the list goes on. I have no doubt that President-elect Donald Trump will address these issues with an open mind.

Merry Christmas.

I just love the Merry Christmas at the end of the rant. Not sure if that includes libtards. Well, Happy Holidays to you sir from the Christian Left. 

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