Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No Comrade, I Don't Support the Яepublican Party

Love when a HHH writes to the Post Star. I was worried that Trump's unpopularity and the increasing evidence that he's Putin's Puppet would dissuade them. Not to worry, there are fellow travelers still out there.

You say that President-elect Trump will never be your president. The fact is, he is the country’s president. 

Da! That he is. For how long, who knows. If I was a Republican Senator I'd be preparing articles of impeachment the minute he takes his hand from what is sure to be a smoldering Bible. 

When your President Obama won two times as our country’s elected leader, we didn’t dream of doing any of these things. We sucked it up and tried harder the next time. We never asked for a costly, foolish recount, even though it would have shown a forgery was committed.

No, you only went around blathering about his not being born in this country and being a Muslim not a Christian and making racist photoshops and on and on. As Charles Pierce would say on that last part "assumes facts not in evidence."

I am in agreement with Don Sage when he says real Americans support Trump’s victory. Real Americans would jail Hillary for all her corruption to our great country. All you non-supporters are not true Americans. You don’t have to stay in America. If you choose to stay, be a real American and grow up.

I don't use the term humorless harpy of hate loosely. I am a true American and being a true American means protesting when a con man becomes president. And I may not be alone.

If the recent historical pattern holds, Trump's initial job approval rating after he takes office could be in the low 40% range. To date, the lowest initial job approval rating in Gallup's records is 51%, held by both Ronald Reagan in 1981 and George H.W. Bush in 1989.

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