Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tina Fey for Emperor in 2020

This is the most incredible article pointing out why we leftists must run Fey not just for president, but for emperor.

Against immense odds, Bonaparte and Fey evolved into revolutionary leaders in their respective arenas, yet never felt fully satisfied with their glories. 

Just go read it all. It's just eerie. 



  1. Of course, if she became Empress, she'd have to use her full name, Elizabeth Stamatina. Empress Stamatina the First!

    As for my choices of monarchs should the U.S. give up being a republic, I'd pick Queen Latifah. She already has the stage name (her real first name is Dana) and can play the part. Besides, if Americans get tired of monarchy, they can go back to being a republic because, as far as I can tell, she has no children or other heirs.

    If we were serious about becoming a monarchy, then we could invite Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, to be queen. She, at least, is real royalty and she has heirs. Besides, she likes Americans, especially rich American men.

  2. I was so heady over the thought of being ruled by Tina Fey, I hadn't thought of alternatives. Maybe Stephen King should be considered. Any of his latest writings I've seen suggest he should try another line of work.