Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump's Paper of Record

Alex Jones plays Jiminy Cricket to Trump's Pinocchio.

He also tweeted that there was "serious voter fraud" in three states that went for Hillary Clinton, "so why isn't the media reporting on this?"

The media wasn't reporting on this because it's a load of hooey. But one "media" outlet has been "reporting" the groundless allegations, and it's one that Trump relied on frequently during the campaign: Alex Jones's Infowars, the radio and Internet home of the grassy-knoll crowd.

Hard to believe all the stories that get over-looked by the mainstream media.

Jones has alleged that the U.S. government was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks (Jones posted an old video Monday in which Trump appeared to suggest that aircraft alone couldn't have brought down the towers), the Oklahoma City bombings and mass shootings such as Sandy Hook. Jones has said that "chemtrails" from airplanes spread a "weaponized flu," that juice boxes are part of a chemical-warfare operation to make children gay, that Justin Bieber is brainwashing children to create an American police state, that Obama murdered publisher Andrew Breitbart, that an "alien force not of this world" is targeting Trump, that intergalactic shape-shifting reptilian humanoids secretly control the world, and, of course, that water fluoridation is mass mind control.

What could go wrong getting news from a guy who's a bigger charlatan than Trump? 


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  2. I used to give out awards for crackpot ideas and stupid net tricks on Usenet. It was part of my attempts at debunking bad ideas and discouraging bad behavior on that part of the Internet. As far as I know, Alex Jones never went on Usenet, although a lot of his fans were probably posting to alt.fan.art-bell. I'm tempted to return to giving out awards in an effort to reduce the pollution of ideas and standards online. Alex Jones would certainly qualify for some!

  3. It's really incredible what some people can believe. There has to be some flaw in the educational system or somewhere in their upbringing to allow this total lack of common sense.

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