Sunday, November 27, 2016

Another Warrior in a Lost Cause Again

I can't believe these guys keep writing. This is number four writing to defend the Electoral College. NY state has already signed on to the National Popular Vote compact. Hail Cuomo!

As a New Orleans Saints fan, I am outraged!  

The results of Thursday night’s (Nov. 17) football game between the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers were totally unfair! The Saints had 28 first downs vs. 17 for the Panthers. Total yardage: Saints 371 vs. Panthers 223; Yards rushing: Saints 107 vs. Panthers 50; Passing: Saints 264 vs. Panthers 173; Punt returns: Saints 46 vs. Panthers 10.

The Panthers lost the ball due to a fumble and the Saints did not. The Saints had the ball for 32 minutes and 15 seconds, the Panthers, 27 minutes 45 seconds.

After beating the Panthers in all these categories, the NFL declared the Carolina Panthers the winners! Why? Because the Panthers scored 3 more points than the Saints. I'm outraged I tell you, outraged!

We need to petition our next president of the United States to force the NFL to start playing "our version" of "fair" rather than decades of predetermined rules. This reeks of the 1960 World Series when the New York Yankees played the Pittsburgh Pirates. During the series, the Yankees scored 55 runs, the Pirates scored 27 runs. Major League Baseball declared the Pirates the winner! Why? Even though the Yankees scored twice as many runs than the Pirates, the "rules" required the winner of the most games to be "Champion."

The Electoral College was one of the most ingenious inventions our founders created. Every true "democracy" has failed.  

The USA is a republic, thus it’s a success.   

I thought I'd stumbled off the editorial page onto the sports page at first. I've used up my letters for the next couple of weeks, being allowed only 2 per 30 days. Probably wouldn't bother anyway. I'd love to point out to him that if the Electoral College ran the NFL it's quite possible the Saints would be getting 3 points for a field goal and the Panthers 8, 9, 10 or maybe 11. And BTW, there are people outraged because Hillary Clinton lost while scoring receiving arond 2 million more votes than Donald Trump.

And if he thinks the EC is so genius he might have spent the letter explaining why instead of the lame analogy.

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