Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another Warrior in a Lost Cause

These guys are starting to remind me of those Japanese soldiers from WWII that would occasionally turn up living in caves not knowing fighting had stopped. My local paper today had another LTTE calling for the continued existence of the electoral college. Sorry Martin, you're too late to be included in the letter I submitted yesterday.

Take it, Mr. Welch:

I understand where Mr. Goot and Mr. Cuomo are coming from when advocating for a one man, one vote rule in national elections.

Good so far. 

They know if it is decided to eliminate the electoral college in favor of one man, one vote, the region of our country with the most people will easily outvote the remaining region even though the latter represent the most real estate. 

Didn't take that long to go off the rails. I'm not sure what outvote means. The region with the most people would have more votes. I agree with that. I don't think I agree if he's saying real estate deserves a vote, though. 

As we have seen in the last national election, the east coast and the west coast leaned Democratic while the vast real estate of the middle leaned Republican.

Once again, with the real estate. There's nothing in the Constitution about land getting a vote. I'm not even going to look.

If we allow majority voting to happen, the largest area of the U.S. will be disadvantaged and the Democrat/Liberals larger population will be advantaged.

Yes, the tyranny of the minority. His argument seems to consist of "it's the only way Republicans can win the White House."

Have you observed all the states pushing one man one vote voted for Mrs. Clinton?

Four years of a Trump presidency could change a lot of minds. Especially when they're reminded that's how Dubya got elected, too. 

I think the Founding Fathers got it right, and the axiom of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is appropriate.

Yes, government by cliché.


  1. No, the Electoral College will prove to be broken next month, when it fails its task of preventing unqualified candidates from becoming President.

  2. Fulfilling that Chinese curse of hoping you live in interesting times. Interesting times, indeed.

    There have been 4 of these pro-Electoral College letters in my local paper now. There are a couple of recurring themes. One is that it is there to prevent the "tyranny of the masses." Another is that since it was conceived by the Founding Fathers, hallowed be their name, it must be infallible. These being the same FFs who embraced slavery and didn't even think of allowing women to vote.

  3. "[I]t is there to prevent the 'tyranny of the masses'" -- that one is especially rich, given the result most likely from December 19th. By the way, that's my conservative ex-wife's birthday. I hope she likes the outcome. I sure as Hell won't.