Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Post Star Disappoints

Really, really disappoints.

It's disturbing to me that my daily newspaper takes the opinions of 5 people on its editorial board and comes to the conclusion that Elise Stefanik is the best candidate to represent me in Congress. The opinion of the Adk Daily Enterprise, Lake George Mirror and Albany Times Union was that Mike Derrick was best suited for the job. The latter two publications saw no reason to even mention Matt Funiciello. 

That's the truly disturbing part. I suppose you can make some kind of case to endorse our current congresswoman. But, no one on your board even registered for Derrick and 40% chose Funiciello. MF has put forth his opinion that there is no evidence that an airplane hit the Pentagon. He has put forth the opinion that the Washington County Board of Elections doesn't take the same care with the voter registrations of minor parties as they do Dems and Reps. He has said that "we need guns to defend ourselves against tyranny and if you don't understand that, you're not paying attention." 

Maybe your editorial board likes conspiracy theories, gun extremism and condescension more than I do. Apparently. And for good measure he feels the residents of the Adks have no need for cell service or broadband. I grew up there. 

I could no sooner vote for him than I could vote for Donald Trump. Two out of 5 on the board? Really?

They are very close to losing my business. I like the idea of a local newspaper and would hate to see it fold. That's why I support it. This makes it very hard to continue to do so. If Derrick wins on Tuesday maybe I'll be overjoyed enough to overlook this. 

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