Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Does Sir Roderick remind you of anyone?

You and I, Jeeves. At least if the working masses are Trump supporters.

TPM points out that Hillary got a thumb's up from Trumpius Maximus. 

The personal desires of the President, his mercy, is irrelevant to this kind of decision. Either there is something to investigate or there's not - and a lengthy investigation that came up with nothing to prosecute suggests there isn't anything. This isn't the Colosseum where everyone waits on the Emperor's thumbs up or down. 

Floating down my stream of consciousness brings to mind this piece (of shit) in my local paper from John Yoo. 

Wow, imagine that, Torture Guy from the Bush administration with an opinion piece right here in the liberal media. A few points:

The president-elect should promise a pardon, on day one, for Hillary Clinton. ... Many Americans believe Clinton was guilty of conduct that would trigger prosecution of a lesser figure.

Hillary has not been charged with anything, but this would add the presumption of guilt. No thanks to the pardon. If Trump wants to charge her, let him do so. A lot of people believe a lot of nonsense. That's why Trump is the president.

Trump should announce a nominee to fill the Supreme Court seat of Justice Antonin Scalia immediately.

Yes, and it should be Merritt Garland. And save the quotes from the Constitution since you're the guy who had the interesting views on habeus corpus.

Trump can underscore the Constitution’s importance to him

It doesn't seem too important to the Republicans in the Senate.

Trump should commit to reimposing sanctions against Iran

Can if he wants. It's not going to stop any other country from dealing with them. I'm sure there are other countries that make airliners that are happy the House isn't going to allow Boeing to sell any to Iran.

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