Monday, August 15, 2016

The Guy Who Could Be Governor

Yes, Carl Paladino could be our governor. The same party that is running Trump for president ran him for governor of NY.

In a Sunday email to BuzzFeed News, Paladino slammed Khan for his "lack of objectivity and submission to Hillary’s hideous effort to compel him to disgrace the memory of his son."

"She even bought him the pocket constitution," Paladino claimed, "which he probably never read but also returned to the staff after the speech."
Paladino went on to accuse Khan of "advocating for Islamist terrorists" and communicating "with terrorist individuals and organizations," implying that this motivated Khan's remarks.

"Allowing himself to be so controlled by Hillary that he would dishonor the memory of his heroic son shows the man’s lack of character and backbone," Paladino concluded. "I am certain that most Gold Star parents would despise Mr Kahn’s (sic) attempt to politicize his son’s loss."

Paladino previously suggested that Khan is "a member of the Muslim Brotherhood" and that Trump therefore does not have to respect or refer to him as a "Gold Star parent,"

In case you have to ask, why is he not our governor?

An online news outlet in New York state has obtained dozens of emails, many of them racist and sexually graphic, which it reports were sent by Carl Paladino, the Tea-Party-backed Republican candidate for governor of New York, to a long list of political and business associates. One email shows a video of an African tribal dance, entitled "Obama Inauguration Rehearsal," while another depicts hardcore bestiality.

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