Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's Fuck the NRA Tuesday

I realized yesterday that I haven't been ranting against the NRA nearly enough lately. Take it, Dr. Friesen:

And here's a link to an article on his speech. Don't miss the "Cocks not Glocks" link. Here's a link to a Dan Thomasson column in my local today. 

Outrageous? Absolutely, and more than a little absurd, as one headline pointed out. Wonderful in its inventiveness and the stuff of brilliant satire in its delicious obscenity but not illegally so? You bet! Effective? One can only hope.

That’s what University of Texas students came up with to protest their state Legislature’s irresponsible decision to permit concealed firearms on their Austin campus over the objections of not only thousands of enrollees but also professors, the chancellor of the system and the president of its flagship institution.

Blessed be the dildo makers.

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