Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Very Brief Mention of St. Matt's Epistle to the Greens

OK, here's a link to NCPR who have the video. The Chronicle this week had the transcript. I'm not going to comb the internet finding one I can link to. So, I'll just riff on this one line.

We need to vote for Green Party candidates every time. 

OK, so about that. Say I have a choice between a Democrat, a Republican and a Green who believes that migrant workers should learn to speak English or "get their asses outta here." Why? Because it's harmful for cows to hear Spanish spoken. Should I vote for the Green in that instance? Let's try another. It's a Democrat, a Republican and a Green who believes we need guns to defend against tyranny and that there's no evidence the Pentagon was hit by an airplane. Who do I vote for there?

Let's not blame the "legacy" voters, Greens. Whatever legacy voters are. You don't get the vote just for not being a Dem or a Rep. I went into the Chronicle interview from Feb 2014 with an open mind. I heard, "We need guns to defend ourselves from tyranny. If you don't understand that, you're not paying attention." Two strikes: gun extremism and condescension. The third strike was calling Obama and Owens corporate puppets.

You're out! BTW, that was before I even knew he was a Truther.

I've considered, as Matt said to me in a comment thread, that I might be "a wee bit obsessed." I've considered that. I believe it's like the Trump thing. I try to ignore Trump, but it's a car wreck. You have to look. If Derrick or Stefanik was as loony, I wouldn't be able to ignore that either. And of course, it doesn't help that he criticizes Democrats with his every breath.

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