Friday, August 12, 2016

Comment Exchange With Matt at NCPR

Just wanted to put up this exchange of pleasantries.

Matt, you complained about yourself and the Greens being called names and then referred to Mike Derrick as a Republican missile defense expert which did not seem to be meant as a compliment. You called Aaron Woolf a clearly out of touch tourist and referred to Elise Stefanik as a Paul Ryan airdrop. Oh, and you have called me a faux liberal in the past. Glass houses!

BTW, I don't care if you run for the office. If you want to run, run. I'm not going to call you names. I'm going to criticize what you say, though. There are things you are right about. But there are things you are very wrong about and they outweigh the good. Like a bag of anvils against a bag of feathers.

I'm anxious to see what Mike Derrick brings to the table. He supported the Iran nuclear deal which I saw as an act of political courage compared to Aaron hemming and hawing on ACA. Derrick could have ducked it. That's a good start. BTW, I never saw an opinion from you on the Iran deal. Maybe I just missed it.

And his reply:


Mike Derrick is a "missile defense Republican". What part of that is incorrect?

Aaron Woolf was an "out of touch tourist". What part of that is incorrect?

Elise Stefanik is a "Paul Ryan air dropped" candidate. Is she not?

Anyone voting Democrat while claiming to be a "progressive" is "faux" because the result of that action is always more war and corporatism which are clearly NOT the progressive agenda. Right?

The things being said about me and about Jill are LIES. I am not a conspiracy theorist and she is not a anti-vaxxer. These are DNC smears. Lying is the big difference between what I say and what comes out of your camp.

And you are "anxious to see" what a blue dog from Colorado can do in our district? I'm pretty sure that what he "can do" is lose and lose badly. And spoil the race for the working class.

If that's what inspires you ... fine, Kevin. Vote for the war party of the fake left. But please stop telling lies about me or Jill. That should be beneath you and anyone else.

So, I criticized him about the personal attacks. Apparently, the personal attacks are OK because they are true. It's OK to refer to someone as an "out of touch tourist" if that's what they are. And I suppose it was OK for Mark Frost to call Aaron a "privileged dilettante from NYC," too. I can see why Frost endorsed him. Narcissistic gun nut Truther comes to mind for some reason.  

If I had been in his place, I might have asked about the reasons for not voting for him. I guess he's not the Questioner that he says he is. No curiosity about that. I really don't understand the campaign strategy. You go around and refer to all potential voters as faux-libs and faux-cons and say the party they belong to is a corporate war party. Wash that blood off your hands and vote Green. 

Jill Stein may or may not be an anti-vaxxer. Matt Funiciello is absolutely a conspiracy theorist. That's documented. And I guess I'm still not getting an answer to where he stands on the Iran deal.    

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