Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Good Letter That is One of Mine

Actually, I'll leave the grading to others. I put up Bernice's, so I figured I'll put mine up, too. It'll likely run tomorrow.

This is in response to Mr. Funiciello's recent letter. It's impressive that he managed to work the phrase "corporate war parties" into a discussion about the Green Party ballot line. It's obvious that he must have a great concern about deaths in the Middle East from weaponry manufactured by American companies. Regular readers know I have an obsession over gun deaths, in our country, from weaponry manufactured by anyone. Do they ever know that! Mr. Funiciello had a radio show that aired on Thursdays. Shootings in Charleston and San Bernardino took place on Wednesdays. Maybe it's just my fanaticism, but I would have found time during those shows to have at least mentioned the tragic loss of life the day before. He didn't. Not a word. But, he can work "corporate war parties" into a letter about the Green Party ballot line.
I have seen two instances of Mr. Funiciello declaring his belief that we need guns to defend ourselves against tyranny. Those who endured my previous letters will recognize that's not the sort of sensible gun policy I endorse. Just out of curiosity, who is it that declares tyranny? Donald Trump? Matt Funiciello? Some said Obamacare was tyrannical. Did I miss the revolution? That raises the point that you are going up against the U.S. government. As comedian Jim Jefferies says, "You're bringing a gun to a drone fight." And how many people do you know who are willing to drop everything and go to war against the government?

You know who's in favor of common sense gun laws? The Democratic Party! It's easy to see who's not.

Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike that corporate war party smear? Obviously, I wrote this before Donald Trump's whole incitement to "correct" the election to the gun fanciers. Sometimes these things just work out and we go all Nostradamus.

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