Friday, August 12, 2016

Daily Trump Stupidity

I used that at Infidel's place. Sounds about right.

Hotel boss Donald Trump offers “beautiful” child care at his resorts — for his guests, not his employees.

The Republican presidential contender once bragged about how he provides with staffers with on-site childcare — first-rate programs that give kids a safe place to play, learn and even enjoy “kiddie cocktails” while their parents work — but employees now claim such programs are exclusively for the people who pay to stay at his hotels. 

I don't even want to bother with the lying and the venality anymore. Yeah, I'm just taking that for granted.

Trump said he has two programs — “They call 'em Trump Kids; another one calls it Trumpeteers, if you can believe it” — for working parents. Staffers drop their children off with caretakers before heading to work and can even visit them on their lunch breaks, he claimed.

WTF? He even has to put his name on the kids' programs? Does he autograph his turds before they go down the, presumably, golden Trump toilet bowl?

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