Sunday, November 1, 2015

Upon Re-Listening to Matt and Tony Pontificate on 9/11

Because I'm bored. So thanks to Matt for this link. And oldie, but goodie. And this link from Brian Mann.

"I do believe that when you look at three buildings coming down with your naked eye that it is kind of bizarre that they all look exactly like planned demolitions. It doesn't really seem to make sense that airplanes hitting buildings would have caused that to occur."

Unbelievable! He wants to represent me in Congress.

"If we actually had passengers on those airliners, if there actually were terrorists on board, there are easier things to point to that don't make sense."

No, I don't know what that means. 

"If you wish to believe that the planned demolition of three skyscrapers in Manhattan by parties unknown was reason enough for us to invade two sovereign nations and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians (and endanger and maim and kill thousands of our own soldiers and warriors) then you and I will simply disagree."

I think it's possible to disagree with the invasions of Iraq and/or Afghanistan without believing there were planned demolitions of those buildings along with over 3000 murders. 

Funiciello told 7 News he's never made any claims about who was behind 9/11, and doesn't want to speculate. He said "We haven't thoroughly investigated the event."

That's the part I love and the reason that conspiracy theory is such a misnomer. It's more like conspiracy trivial pursuit or kids trading baseball cards.

He expanded on the theme during his interview vwith 7 News Monday. He said Tower 7 collapsed "with really no evidence that any damage had been done."

Absolutely ridiculous. 

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