Friday, November 13, 2015

Mark Frost on Political Correctness

Unfortunately I still can't link to anything in the Chronicle, but I still want to comment on some things Frost says in his "Inside Scoop" of November 12, 2015. I haven't followed the story of Tim Tai. He apparently is a reporter who was kept from doing his job at the University of Virginia. MF's comments led me to at least take a look at the story. He did make it harder by calling the professor Melissa Clark when her last name is actually Click. Onto the quote:

Ms. Clark (sic), advocate of strong-arming innocent people, foe of tolerance and a free press, shouldn't be a member of any college's faculty, especially one funded by taxpayers, but she'll be defended by many, probably lionized. 

This is the new Left's McCarthyist unveiling, yet again. So many liberals who know better nevertheless kow-tow to it. 

I did search the internet and was not able to find anyone lionizing Ms. Click. It's not the pound of flesh that Mr. Frost seems to desire, but I see that she is resigning her job. If it's any consolation for MF, the Trump campaign seems to be rolling along well. Sadly, there are signs of PC there, too. In the recent debate, when Donald was waxing nostalgic for the deportations of from back in Uncle Ike's day, he neglected to mention that it was called Operation Wetback. Oversight or Political Correctness? Sadly, I lean toward the latter.

Thanks to Mark, I'm adding Leftist McCarthyite to my resume. Let's see: faux liberal (compliments of Funiciello), fascist liberal (Jonah Goldberg), nihilist (Donald Douglas), and from many sources there was libtard, dummycrat, dhimmicrat, moonbat and so many I've forgotten.

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