Sunday, November 8, 2015

Funiciello Endorsement From Post Star

And shockingly despite that lack of common sense, I still subscribe. Matt doesn't, of course, because they're corporately owned. Boo! Hiss! Anyway. Just wanted to link to this so I don't have to go looking for it. No that it's really hard to find.

We found Aaron Woolf to be thoughtful and articulate, but lacking the bravado needed to survive the political storm that is Washington, D.C. He showed a command of Adirondack issues and a love for the region, and has largely financed his own campaign, but we wondered if he would have been a better candidate for the state Senate.

Yes, God forbid you endorse a candidate who actually makes sense. Endorse the Truther. How about Matt running for a lower office. Right. He couldn't win that either and wouldn't get all that face time on TV. 

We don’t believe the scenario Funiciello describes is probable, but we do agree the election of a third-party candidate could send shivers through the established ranks of Republicans and Democrats. That got the attention of our editorial board as the wake-up call our country needs.

And make the district a national embarrassment. 

He does not hedge, hesitate or filter his remarks in any way. Some might find that unnerving, perhaps even frightening. We found it largely refreshing.

Not refreshing. Insane. 

He says he refused to provide health insurance for his workers, or himself, because he can’t afford it and because he refused to pay into a “for profit” system that is corrupt. He says a single payer system is the only way to go.

He makes $20 an hour and some of his workers make more and they can't afford health insurance. So, if they need healthcare the rest of us pay for it. That must be the Green Party version of single payer. 

There is good news, tho. Matt's not going to do that stupid shtick of asking the Democrat to drop out of the race this time around. 

Don't look for Green Party congressional candidate Matt Funiciello to urge Democratic candidate Mike Derrick to drop out the race in 2016, as Funiciello repeatedly urged Democrat Aaron Woolf to do in 2014.
In fact, Funiciello thinks Derek's status as a combat veteran may benefit the Green Party if Derrick is able to pull votes from Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Willsboro, in the north-west portion of the 21st District. 

How that's supposed to help him is anyone's guess. I certainly do hope that Derrick pulls enough votes to become my representative. 

Funiciello reiterated he will not challenge Derrick in a Democratic primary, but likely will enter the race as the Green Party candidate.

Hopefully he'll face Donald Hassig in a Green primary. The debate would only make sense if you were on blotter acid. 

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