Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spittlebugs and Performance Art

Perfromance art is a growing industry on the Right. I may have mentioned in the past how I feel that the open carry guys are actually second amendment performance artists. As the events in Colorado yesterday proved, they are often not content to keep it below the homicidal level. Seeing a Confederate flag decal on a pick up truck the other day made me realize that it's not just with guns. There are also stars and bars performers. In addition, there are the letter writers in my local paper who also engage in a version of it.

This sends me off on a slight tangent. I was pondering recently as to whether some of the spittle flecks, which assuredly accompany these missives, actually survive transmission through the tubes of the internet and reach the Post Star. That led to my having to confirm that spittle is actually a word. Examining my perusal-beaten American Heritage dictionary assured me that is indeed. Fortuitously, I noticed the word following it was spittle bug. Brightened my day, I'll tell ya. So now, in addition to being humorless harpies of hate, the ranting writers of rage will henceforth also be known as spittle bugs.

Climbing back down the tangent line to the point of intersection I was at before being accosted by a wave of spittle bugs I'll come to the point. The point was pointlessness. All of the actions of right wing performance artists are pointless. As with their ancestor, piss Christ person, their shtick is to be rude. There's no value beyond that. They accuse others of political correctness when the fact is that they are just ill-mannered.

Is there a reason to walk into a casual dining establishment with an assault rifle? Is there a reason, at least in Northern NY to display a Confederate flag decal on your vehicle? Is there a reason to write a letter to your local paper thats' nothing more than a tired old laundry list of right wing talking points. You know, prefabricated bullshit. 

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