Monday, November 9, 2015

Disenfranchising the Green Party

I've been writing here about Funiciello more than I really like to, but I can't let this go by. The link goes to a podcast of his radio show. Apparently, he moved to my county, Washington, a year and a half ago. There goes the neighborhood. On Tuesday last, he went to vote and was told that "he didn't exist." It was unclear from listening to the show whether he was allowed to vote or not. (He wasn't) He wasn't on the voter rolls, but if he was actually registered, he should have been able to vote by affidavit. My belief is that he screwed up in registering and was not allowed to vote for that reason.

So, that's kind of bad. If you listen to the podcast, and it's at the beginning so you don't have to listen to much, he goes on about a conspiracy at the Board of Elections. Now, I'm not a politician, but one of the knocks against MF is that he's a Truther. I may have mentioned it here a time or two. Or three. If I'm in his position, the last thing I would do is go around alleging conspiracies. Maybe he was joking here. If he was, he's not a comedian. I work as an election inspector and, like Mongo, Kevin is just a pawn in the game of life. As far as I know there is no effort to disenfranchise voters from the Green, Libertarian, Socialist, The Rent's Too Damn High or any other party. As far as I know, no one even pays any attention to what party a voter is a part of.

There is also the idea in the clip that the Democrats and Republicans are in cahoots to keep the minor parties from voting. Really? It's nice to see bipartisanship on something, hey.

Another point that jumps out is that he says he moved to Hudson Falls a year and a half ago. That suggests he should have been voting in HF when he was running for Congress. So, did he not vote in that election or vote in Glens Falls? I'm a Questioner. Hopefully, Mike Derrick will get a chance to ask that.

I'd advise MF to get a campaign manager, a keeper, a minder, a someone to tell him not to say stupid shit. He must have told this story to someone before he went on the radio with it. There must be some person who could have told him not to say that shit on the radio! I've probably said it before because I repeat myself a lot. I have looked at the Green platform and there is much to agree with in it. If they had a good candidate, I'd certainly consider giving them my vote. I'm a Dem, so they haven't taken mine away. Sweet Mother of Jesus, though. I can't vote for loons like MF and Donald Hassig. Imagine having one of them representing the district in Congress. I prefer not to live in a laughingstock.

The fact that the Post Star and Chronicle actually endorsed him is a big part of my problem with him. They gave him legitimacy that he really doesn't deserve. They endorsed him because the other two candidates were seen as carpetbaggers. That's not a good enough reason. So, if I had been running, I should have automatically received the endorsement because of my 58 years living in the district. That's just ignorant.

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