Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Minimum Wage:$15 an Hour or Bust?

Almost out of time, but I will come back to this post.

Democrats, predictably, have fallen in line in supporting ‘Fight for $15,’ but they are divided on the movement’s explicit goals.  Hillary Clinton tweeted her support Tuesday, but she has said previously that a $15 minimum wage wouldn’t be appropriate in areas with lower living costs, and instead advocated for a $12 an hour wage now in Congress.

Thank you Hillary. My opinion all along. Abird in the hand is better than $15 an hour in the bush.


  1. I've had this talk many times, not lately as I am currently a nobody without influence, a good thing, but I've said wouldn't it be better to help unions regain power so these poor folks could organize and help themselves rather than hoping politicians will? Either way I think they're pretty well fucked. God forbid an order of fries goes up 5 cents. But don't cut my pay or expect me to work for 7.50 and hour. And I deserve a raise more than a fry cook. And I deserve to not have to work shit hours and weekends with no benefits or job security.

  2. Joe, thanks for reminding me that we once had unions in this country. I have no idea what the minimum wage should be. The idea of strengthening the unions would go a long way toward helping people get livable wages, tho. Get rid of about a dozen Republican governors might be a start on that goal.

    Had to look and see who your governor is. Good Lord! You have my sympathy. He sounds worse than Scott Walker.

  3. Yeah. Rauner's a right wing labor hating kook. Holding state budget hostage with his demands to break unions and slash wages and benefits. of course he wants tax cuts for the wealthiest of which he is a member