Thursday, September 24, 2015

Uncommon Sense Works Backward

The idea of the Democrats deferring to Funiciello's candidacy and not running a candidate is closer to the meaning of "begs the question" than  his use of it.

This Harper's poll has me at 13% before I've even (officially) announced.
It begs the question ... Why are the Democrats setting out to ruin the working class' chances to win meaningful representation in congress by, once again, running a candidate in a district that has no interest in their corporate representation and shoddy political theater?

So, Matt has already run for the office once and has kind of been running since that election, I guess, with "presence" on the radio. Despite that, he's polling at 13% and Mike Derrick is polling at 17% without having campaigned at all. I believe I'll just wait and see what Derrick has to say. It is possible he's a blue dog. Very possible. If that's the case, I'll be forced to write in Aaron Woolf. Because, fuck Matt Funiciello and the Green Party.

corporate representation and shoddy political theater

What the fuck does that even mean?

Oh yeah, begs the question does not mean the same as raises the question. 

To beg a question means to assume the conclusion of an argument—a type of circular reasoning. This is an informal fallacy, in which an arguer includes the conclusion to be proven within a premise of the argument, often in an indirect way such that its presence within a premise is hidden or at least not easily apparent.

Matt's a walking, talking fallacy machine, though. He specializes in ad hominem attacks and red herrings. And then there's the ever present hasty generalization that Democrats and Republicans are the same. That's been gone over enough here without rehashing it now. I will just add, though. Even if they were the same, that does not automatically make Funiciello better than they are.


  1. I have to admit that when I read this quickly, I thought it was about Annette Funicello! So I was puzzled. Local politics? BTW, I have close family in Malta, NY. Not too far from you.

  2. I would never say anything bad about Annette Funicello. I had to go look her up, as I thought she had passed away a few years back.

    Wingnuts who continually disparage the Democratic Party as being equal to the Republican Party, OTOH... Elise Stefanik will likely be my congresscritter for as long as she wants the job. Mike Derrick is the Dem who is slated to run against her. Waiting to see if he's a blue dog or not.

    Funiciello is a Green who has made the statement that "we need guns to protect ourselves from tyranny." That rubs me the wrong way along with the Dem bashing. He's also a 9/11 Truther. That makes it a little hard to take anything he says seriously.

    Back on topic: yes, Malta is right down the line. Near Saratoga (which spell check doesn't like?). They are out of my district, tho. NY 19th, I believe they'd be. Northern NY, unfortunately, is pretty conservative. They have a republican rep, too.