Saturday, September 12, 2015

Look, But Don't Listen

The GOP candidates for president want to be seen with Pope Francis, but have their fingers firmly in their ears and be chanting, "la,la,la,la."

The pope supports the Iran nuclear deal, which many GOP candidates pledge to tear up if they are elected president. As Republicans debate the place of immigrants in the U.S., the pope has urged countries to welcome those seeking refuge and has decried the "inhuman" conditions facing people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Francis was also instrumental in secret talks to restore diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, a rapprochement the GOP views as a premature reward for the island's repressive government.

In a heated primary where any break from party orthodoxy is a political risk, Republican candidates have stepped gingerly around their differences with Francis.

When Francis issued an encyclical this year calling for aggressive international action to combat climate change, most Republicans made clear they had no problem with pope taking a position on the matter. But they suggested his stance would have little influence on their own views.

No beating of swords into plowshares or any of that happy peace horseshit for the goopers. 

And from the expected to the unexpected:

A recent study shows that Harvard Business School alumni, many of whom are wealthy and major players in the financial industry, are more concerned about inequality and more equitable distribution of wealth than economic growth.

The new study, released Tuesday, asked 2716 randomly sampled graduates of the prestigious school where they stood on various issues facing the economy. The results showed that 66 percent of respondents chose inequality, middle-class stagnation, poverty, and economic mobility as a more pressing issue than boosting overall economic growth.

And Gordon Gekko weeps. 


  1. Don't forget those GOP pols need the Catholic vote, even the LIBERAL Catholic vote.

  2. They seem to be working pretty hard at losing everyone's vote. I'm liberal Methodist and they never had mine.