Friday, September 4, 2015

Giving Mario Hepp His Due

I posted John Siebrech's letter and neglected this one. I'm deeply sorry for that oversight. Take it away Mario:

Americans can agree or disagree on Donald Trump’s run for the presidency in 2016 and his political platform, "Make America Great Again," but the polls repeatedly show he is leading by double digits over his closest Republican competitor. The majority of Americans have been totally disgusted with President Obama and this left-wing administration. Donald Trump is the voice of the majority of Americans who are hesitant to speak out on the important issues facing our great nation for fear they would be labeled a racist under the "Left-Wing Blanket" of political correctness. Well, I say “to hell with political correctness, speak your mind!”

The issues facing America range from the flow of illegal aliens crossing our southern borders to the lack of a strong and aggressive foreign policy. Within these parameters are scandals, lies and cover-ups such as: Fast and Furious Gun Runner Operation, IRS scandal, V.A. scandal, Obama/Clinton Benghazi cover-up, the corrupt Clinton Foundation, the Muslim terrorist organization ISIS, Hillary Clinton email server scandal, and last but not least, this disgusting, threatening, Iranian Nuke Deal. America, let's not forget the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979; a leopard doesn't change his spots. Obama the community organizer has been a total disgrace to the presidency of the United States!

God bless America.

Let's not forget overthrowing the Iranian government in 1953 either then. Wonder if he's seen that Jeb! ad pointing out how Trump speaks with forked tongue. Who cares?

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