Wednesday, September 9, 2015

There Have to Be Clowns

I went looking for this knowing that Trump and Cruz were involved. What a bonus to find that La Palin is also getting into the act. Will she never go away?

Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz will join forces Wednesday afternoon with Sarah Palin and others at a rally against the Iran nuclear deal.

The rally is expected to draw thousands of anti-Iran, anti-Obama protestors, though White House allies on Tuesday secured enough votes to protect the deal from a congressional backlash.

And despite that star power:

On Tuesday, three more Democratic senators announced support. That brought the tally to 41 — far more than the 34 needed to back a presidential veto if Congress sends Obama a resolution disapproving the deal.

That’s also enough to block such a resolution from coming to a vote at all.

Oh, in case those three leading lights of the GOP weren't enough, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Louie Gohmert will also be there. Sets my heart aflutter. 

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