Saturday, April 25, 2015

Possibly Making Al Franken The Second Best Pol In Minnesota

Thanks to Charles Pierce for the link to this MoJo article on Mark Dayton. Heir to a corporate fortune and a Democrat, how bad is that? I'm just going to link to it because it's kinda long. And it's all so good that it should all be read. Disappointed that it will be his last term as guv there. Happy to see he has Dems to work with in his legislature. Though I know that some think there is no difference.

And then, there is Scott Walker to call bullshit on that idea.

Fuck it, we'll give Al some love, too.

Franken is a fascinating politician. His public profile is practically non-existent, at least by the yappy standards of the cable-news, clickbait era. He is a first-class fundraiser; his work on behalf of Senator Professor Warren was the stuff that dreams are made of, but he never gives you the sense on the stump that he's trading on his celebrity. And, in the Senate, he's gone out of his way to prove himself a workhorse, and not a show-pony, without ever giving the impression that he's overcompensating for having been a next-level comedian for all those years. He is a Minnesota liberal in the tradition of Hubert Humphrey and Paul Wellstone, but both Humphrey and Wellstone were more visible politicians than Franken has been.

Dems equal Reps, blah fuckin' blah. 


  1. Al Frankenstein. I'd vote for him if he ran for president. He's good enough, he's smart enough, and darn it, people like him! Well I do!

  2. Omg. I just read my comment. Al Frankenstein? Fricken auto correct! Al Franken. LOL!

  3. Hi Shaw, I'm sure Al would get a kick out of it. It probably happens to him all the time. They sure do have some good pols in Minnesota, especially with Bachmann back on the bench.

    I'm stuck with a DINO in Andrew Cuomo and Elise Stefanik as my Rep. Thought I was living in the liberal Northeast. Cuomo beats the alternative, unless the alternative was Zephyr Teachout which unfortunately it wasn't.

    Hope all is well in Mass, where I'm assuming Liz Warren is still not running for prez.